War Coming to Europe


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“Who do you trust to keep you safe?” Prime Minster Rishi Sunak asked in a bid for re-election today. In this somewhat apocalyptic speech, Sunak admitted that Europe is at war with…well, everything.

There is a culture war, a war on immigration, a war on freedom and a war with Russia and Hamas. According to the Prime Minister, this means that his party should stay in power.

“War has returned to Europe with our Nato allies warning that if Putin succeeds in Ukraine they might be next. War rages too in the middle east as Israel defends itself not only against the terrorists of Hamas but against a barrage of missiles fired from the first time directly from Iran,” he said. “Right now, in Africa conflicts are being fought in 18 different countries and Putin’s recklessness has taken us closer to a dangerous nuclear escalation than at any point since the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

This is how his re-election campaign will play out then. You can’t change leadership under the Trojan horse of war, right? This sounds familiar. It is currently keeping Ukrainian President Zelensky in power and it is the same ploy being used by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who faces re-election next year.

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