VSRF LIVE Tonight: We the People vs. the W.H.O.


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Thursday, November 9
7pm Eastern | 4pm Pacific
Live stream on Rumble

Tonight on VSRF LIVE, we are honored to host three outstanding leaders in the Health Freedom Movement, each on the front lines challenging the Globalist Health Cabal that plunged us into the Covid crisis.

Christine Anderson, a German Member of the European Union Parliament since 2019, stands as a staunch defender of human rights and transparency. Known for her unwavering commitment to justice, she has become a beacon of hope for countless individuals during the Covid crisis.

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, is a prominent international expert challenging China’s coercive policies. With boots on the ground, her organization actively saves lives in China, combating forced abortion and gendercide. Reggie is also a passionate advocate for personal medical freedom and has testified at the United States Congress, against the lockdowns, mandates, and Covid vaccine fraud.

Dr. Meryl Nass, a respected internist and biological warfare epidemiologist, has dedicated her expertise to understanding vaccine-induced illnesses and advocating for those affected. Her extensive knowledge has been instrumental in educating both service members and Congress about anthrax-related issues, making her a vital force in the fight against the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program. Dr. Nass was a very popular speaker at the first Covid Litigation Conference.

Our discussion tonight not only explores the work against Globalism abroad, but also here at home in America. We continue to work against the illegal, unconstitutional, and harmful Covid legal regime. You can join us in this work at the upcoming Covid Litigation Conference II, scheduled for March 7-8 in Las Vegas. Themed "Connect - Learn - Litigate," this conference is a pivotal platform for legal professionals and medical experts to collaborate, share insights, and strategize.

Next week we will be announcing an extremely important speaker, who is bringing most of his law firm to CLC II. I cannot say who it is yet, but I can say, he rarely attends these conferences and is one of the biggest litigators in this space. Stay tuned for the announcement.

To sustain initiatives like the Covid Litigation Conference II, VSRF relies on your support. Two weeks ago, we celebrated our 100th VSRF Live episode, a testament to our focused work. Your backing has brought us this far, and your ongoing support is crucial for our continued success. Consider making a monthly donation; it's not just a contribution but an investment in our fight against the corrupt elite. Your support keeps our mission alive, ensuring we can continue our efforts to reclaim our rights and freedoms.

Donate at VacSafety.org/donate and become a vital part of this movement.

Together, we will emerge victorious.

Join us tonight and invite a friend. Please also share these links widely. Re-post any of these links to spread the word. Thank you for your integral role in this fight.

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