VSRF LIVE Tonight: Celebrating Music UnCancelled


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Thursday, November 16
7pm Eastern | 4pm Pacific
Live stream on Rumble

Tonight on VSRF LIVE, join me for a great evening with our friends and Health Freedom champions, Five Times August and Joseph Arthur. Both artists showcased their courage at Defeat the Mandates DC and Los Angeles. We'll listen to their performances and explore their journeys during the authoritarian days of Covid lockdowns, mandates, censorship, and cancellation.

Brad Skistimas of Five Times August shares his perspective navigating the pandemic's highs and lows in music. Joseph Arthur, renowned for his eclectic style, will talk about his creative process amidst being targeted by the media for his opposition to the Covid-19 vaccine.

This VSRF LIVE edition transcends music. Our artists discuss defying corporate music cancellations, revealing the resilience fueling their creative spirits. Join us for a dialogue connecting with these exceptional talents on a personal level.

Tune in for an inspirational night. VSRF LIVE: Your gateway to celebrating our artist champions of true rebellion.

Five Times August is the solo act of singer/songwriter Brad Skistimas. His music has been featured on TV shows, commercials, and films. Skistimas performed at the Defeat the Mandates rally in DC and recently released the album "Silent War," reaching high on Amazon's charts. He signed with Baste Records for the single "Ain't No Rock And Roll," calling out mainstream silence against government tyranny.

Joseph Arthur, known for his eclectic style, reflects on his album "Come Back World" as a story of survival and rebirth. The album, born from necessity, emerged during personal turmoil, symbolizing the journey of rebuilding from emotional abuse and estrangement. Arthur's art resonates with the strength needed to rebuild a life rooted in truth.

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