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Will do business buy-ins for these radios from time to time. Great throw away radio to have in the field.

Let me know if ya want any. I'll charge $10 to program.

Screenshot_20230328_123243_Amazon Shopping.jpg
This one is 8 watt. Ordered 3 of them today along with the Baofeng BF-S112 Two Way Radio Speaker,
Tecsun PL990, and ANT-60 Short Wave Antenna. We can compare them, was looking to make a communication video with them.

Will write a first draft to our final (if there is such a thing) communication page with radio recommendations.
Ditto on the 8 watt Baofeng BF-F8HP.

Use caution when buying from Amazon and please make sure it is actually the BF-F8HP.
Because there are lots of fakes out there.

Box should look like this:


The front panel of the unit should like like the image
<<< one the left.


If not, it not even be an actual Baofeng.
UV5Rs have 4 watts. BF-F8HPs have 8 watts.
You may have a UV5R knock off made to look like something else.

And what if it is not the one on the left?!!
Return it.
These have no warranty, unless it was sold though Amazon or directly by a US authorized dealer - Baofeng Tech** or Radioddity**

Factory UV5Rs typically cost around $25.
The very nice Baofeng factory 3800mA extended batteries (I have two) are around $20 each
Amazon product

The rest of the kit, other than the charger and battery, are usually junk.
(aftermarket antennas from Nagoya and Diamond are $25 and up, and they are worth the extra $)

Factory BF-F8HP Baofengs are usually priced at around $70 (and worth it, if from an authorized dealer**)
Amazon product

Make sure you are paying for the actual thing you want to buy and use in the field.

Just my $0.02


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Ryan, the Tecsun 990 looks so sweeeeet!
Looking forward to hearing your impressions.

In the forthcoming communications roundup I would also add these items to the shortwave operators accessories list.
Especially for shortwave operators who, like me, live in radio interference crossfire zones.

The best purpose-built short wave listening antenna on the planet:

Par EndFedz® EF-SWL


And, to get a clean signal back to that nice Tecsun - a jumper with an integrated RF choke to squeeze out local RF like AC units, refrigerators, TVs and all the electronic crap your neighbors kids are messing with.

CHA RG-316 (with Integrated RFI Choke)​


One of these gizmos. to connect the external antenna to the radio without straining the connector


And, finally, to connect the antenna balun/transformer to the jumper


With this stuff on can listen on 20, 40 and 80 meter signals, just like the bigger, much more expensive HF rig.
(next up, decoding digital comms)

Without these ears, the only thing I would be hearing without heavy noise and static would be local FM rock stations.

Last night on 40m 7.238 LSB, Parks on the Air

Alright, this thread got messy lol

Yes, these are not bf-f8hp but the other brand, wanted to try them out. I've had the bf-f8hp, wanted to try these.

I'm going to install a mod for the site today to turn a reply into a thread so the post doesn't have to be remade on all the great info here.
I was wondering if anyone in the group would be willing to help me get my tower up and running. It's up,but no antennas on it yet, don't want to get caught in the dark. Someone with experience would be great!