USPC Interview On The Free Men Report Livestream 7:30pm

Ryan Harden

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@Thomas Leager will be interviewing me tonight on his podcast.

He's my outline of topics to cover -

  • Get Your House In Order. How can you expect to join or make a group if your own focus and inventory isn't taken care of first.
    • Faith
    • Family
    • Preps
    • Communication
    • Finances / Trade Items
  • What Are Your Strengths & Weaknesses? - What value do you bring to the table for a group?
  • How To Find Or Create A MAG (Mutual Assistance Group) - After your house is in order, and you know what you and your household bring to the table, it's time to find or make a group in your area.
    • What is a MAG?
    • How Do You Find or Make a MAG
    • How do MAGs work with one another? Examples we'll use how USPC does MAGS.
    • How is a MAG different than a Militia and when does a MAG turn into a Militia or start a militant arm of their organization?
  • What's Likely To Happen During The Crash There are loads of books, studies, and focus groups dedicated to all parts of what's happening right now.
    • How will your community respond?
    • What's going to change pertaining to your household safety and security?
    • What's going to happen to your retirement and retirement plan?
    • How can your MAG work to provide what's needed?