USPC Achievements

The United States Patriot Community honors those who strive to become valuable members of their local societies through our achievement program. We want to encourage people to learn skills that will help rebuild our nation to once again become self-reliant and sustainable. Achievements are awarded through our badge system online and patch and pin program through participating USPC communities.

Skills and achievements are listed in the order or progression. Some achievements require prerequisites of lesser skills first, so be sure those are met. Once an achievement has been earned, a local leader can assign the item to you and your profile. If there isn't a local leader, you may fill out the online form along with credentials or summery.

Basics Everyone Should Pass

- You passed your local background check and processing has now been moved to your local community for local vetting and swearing in.

Oath Taker - You have passed local vetting by community peers and have sworn into your local community as an honorable member.

Constitutionalist - You have completed the basic understanding of the constitution by submitting your certificate of completion of the Hillsdale College Constitution 101 Class found here - This course or a related course may also be taught by local communities who host Constitution study groups. Once a study group has completed and local leadership feel you have a good grasp of the Constitution, they will award this to you. You can also submit the achievement form online at

Service Achievements

The United States Patriot Community recognizes professional credentials within specific fields as they prove you are an asset to your local community. These achievements are awarded by providing proof of service, ID, etc. and will very depending on the type of achievement.

Community Volunteer - Submit your duties to your local leader or USPC online. From helping with Meals on Wheels to roadside cleanup, to helping serve on local community boards, we recognize you've already stepped up within the community on your own. Anything that helps with the local community can be applied for here as there are so many things your local community needs.

Firefighter - Serving as a paid or volunteer Firefighter provides people with basic lifesaving skills and a lot of fire management and equipment skills. Local communities are always looking for Firefighters and they provide such an important function to keep a community safe.

EMS/EMT - Answering the call as a local life saving emergency medical professional is one of the highest honors our communities can have. Your training and practice makes your community strong. All communities are always looking for volunteers that fit this role.

Governance - Applying, campaigning, and being elected to help your local governing body plays a crucial role in forming local policy. We honor patriots who answer this call by awarding the Governance achievement. If you've helped campaign but not as an elected official, please apply for the Community Volunteer badge. The Governance achievement is only awarded to those who have been elected to serve.

Hospital Crew - Serving as a Doctor, Nurse, or other hospital or clinic professional is a critical service every community needs. If you work directly with patients or the equipment to serve patients, apply for this achievement.

Veteran - Serving in the armed forces is one of the highest honors one can give to their community. We heavily weight honor to those who've served.

Law Enforcement - Protecting our constitution and communities is a basic fundamental need. Law Enforcement (present or retired) may apply for this achievement.

Specialization Achievements

Specializations are skills every community needs so we created an achievement program for each specialization that people can apply for. You can apply for as many specialization skills as you want. The more you know and learn, the more valuable you'll be to your local community.

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