Specializing to become a USPC Cleric / Chaplain

Ryan Harden

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*Draft* The United States Patriot Community centers around the Christian faith as our founding fathers did. A USPC Chaplain is a vital part of a local patriot community to lead us in faith. If you feel the calling to become a USPC Chaplain, we welcome your leadership!

Requirements -
  1. USPC Vetted Member.
  2. Local leadership approval.

To become a Chaplain, your local patriot community will affirm your specialization focus so that you may begin leading devotions, ceremonies, or simple bible studies. The calling of Christ can be informal or formal, but all units should have a local Chaplain.

We recommend some formal training to become a Chaplain, many free courses exist online:

Here are some great books to study.

Books - For God and Country: Considering the Call to Military Chaplaincy
For God and Country.jpg

Essential Chaplain Skill Sets: Discovering Effective Ways to Provide Excellent Spiritual Care
Essential Chaplain Skill Sets.jpg

Voices of Chaplaincy: Ministry Roles and Functions
Voices of Chaplaincy.jpg