Smith, Notley Announce First Pieces of Planned Legislation If Elected Alberta Premier


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With only five days remaining until Alberta votes, the two party leaders in the running for premier on May 29 election day have made announcements about their first acts if elected. New Democrat Party (NDP) Leader Rachel Notley said at a morning news conference on May 25 that if her party was elected, she would call a summer legislative session to pass Bill 1, an act to cap power bills and auto insurance, freeze tuition, and “accelerate $10/day childcare.” According to Notley, Bill 1 “will save the vast majority of Albertans nearly $1,000.” The NDP leader said power prices are expected to spike this summer, pledging the NDP will cap them, previously promising in the campaign to do so for a three-month period. Notley said her government, if elected, would also “launch an investigation into electricity prices to improve competitiveness, reliability and affordability.”...

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