Our Own Crypto (Suspended)

Ryan Harden

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I'd like to form a committee to explore our own cryptocurrancy. It will integrate with our honor points and survival game token systems.

This is a pressing issue and should be expedited.
I think this is worth some discussion. How much are we going to have total available. Will this be mining, like bitcoin? How do we track in grid down, etc. ?
Tracking transaction codes, proof of receipt vs proof of work, grid down paper backups and then possibly private network (not likely needed) also trade system with the current coin program.

Capping and devaluation concurrent with program parameters along with community vote.

Taking NFT to market (preferably outside of the USA) but will have to work in the starter markets until it picks up. I can draft the white paper pretty easily and efforts go towards building our patriot program.

I don't see anything we can't accomplish at this time, and we'd only use blockchain that's proven, fast, and efficient.

Coming to events would land you currency, working on skills lands you currency. Etc.etc. it all seems to integrate nicely.
As you go to events and gain achievements, you'll get our coins via a temporary wallet that you'll then move to your more secure app or cold storage wallet. The process is very simple. More details coming soon when we launch this whole thing.
Our own Crypto is now live. In the coming days, I'll be making guides and wallets and all that and then will be giving folks the money for those sworn in, those who come to things, and those who want to exchange their online currency to crypto.
Did you use a base from another crypto, just curious.
Yes, this is a Solana token because that's secure, fast, cheap, and easy to use. My main wallet is looking to be phantom since it works with brave, chrome, edge, etc. IPhone has the app, they are still working on the Android app for that one. Pretty much any wallet that takes solana tokens will work. Again, I'll post the guide and tutorial for it. The goal is to instantly make it work with 2 other coins I'm building as well.
I'll also make a field in people's profiles for their public wallet so if you want to exchange coins here, you can tell the system where to send things.
I'll also be printing paper wallets loaded with 5,10,20,50 and 100 USPC coin. The "bills" are folded and sealed. Once you break the seal, you'll find the codes to transfer that money to your other wallets. It's an experiment to bridge paper money with digital currency.
Crypto field added for solflare. We can now send you USPC Crypto. It is a direct exchange in what you earn here on the site.
Add your recieve address to your solflare wallet (edit profile) and then PM me to request a Crypto exchange.


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Our first member transaction was processed. It costs me a few cents in Solana (SOL) to transfer patriot coin if you don't have a USPCoin account which most won't until their first transfer.

We use Solana as our block chain because it's fast, safe, and transactions cost almost nothing.
seems my USPC crypto wallet has been halved since setting up and receiving Solflare last week. There was twice the amount of USPC coin showing under my profile. Anyone notice a decrease in their wallet after setting up a Solflare account?
Ya, somehow your transaction seemed wonky, I sent an amount and it only issued half. Maybe I fat fingered it at the last moment. I'll try it again.