Meet Ben Haynes: Director of Media Relations for the CDC


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I met Ben Haynes at CDC headquarters. He admits that CDC doesn’t have vaccination records for people. So that means that they cannot assess vaccine safety. They don’t want to see the records. They want to just keep believing they are safe.

Executive summary​

Months ago, CDC Director of Media Relations admitted to me face to face that they don’t have the record level data needed to assess vaccine safety.

He said Congress never granted them the authority to ask for this information.

When I asked him, “Have you tried asking nicely? I’m sure Gov. Newsom would give you the data!”

He said, they don’t have the authority to ask for the information.

In other words, they don’t want to know.

I believe that it is because if they got the information, I could legally FOIA the information, so they don’t ask.

After I finally got record-level vaccination/alive/death data from an official State source via a whistleblower, I offered Ben the opportunity to see the data that they don’t have and have never seen.

He refused.

This is gold-standard data and it shows truth. It can be fully authenticated. There is no way to hide a signal in data like this. There is no better source of truth than this data. I have been saying this like a broken record. They should be jumping to see “ground truth.” Instead, they are running away from it.

Through other sources I discovered that the CDC and FDA don’t want to see any data showing the vaccines are unsafe because they know that the vaccines are safe, so there is no point in seeing data that is obviously flawed.

About record level data​

Record level vaccination-alive-death data is the gold standard. A time-series cohort analysis of this data always will unambiguously tell you if a vaccine is safe or not. There are four independent variables (calendar time, dose, age, and time since a given dose) and one dependent variable (mortality rate). You can tell the story in just four plots.

Take action​

I can’t e-mail Ben because the CDC and FDA block all my e-mails.

But you can e-mail Ben here and let him know what you think of their refusal to view the record-level data.


I finally have record-level data from an official government source. Millions of records. The analysis is clear. I’ll reveal it on Nov 30 at my MIT talk which will be livestreamed.

But before I went public, I offered both the CDC and FDA the opportunity to view the data and the analysis as well as the opportunity to fully authenticate that the data was legit. They refused to talk to me.

You can’t make this stuff up. You really can’t.


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