Making Colloidal Silver

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Creating colloidal silver involves suspending tiny particles of silver in a liquid. It's often used as a dietary supplement or a homeopathic remedy.

It's typically done using a process called electrolysis. Here's a simplified version of how it's usually done:

1. **Materials Needed**:
- Distilled water
- Pure silver rods or coins (99.99% pure silver is ideal)
- A colloidal silver generator or a simple battery setup (like a 9-volt battery)
- Conductive wires
- A glass container

2. **Steps**:
1. Fill the glass container with distilled water.
2. Attach the silver rods or coins to the conductive wires.
3. Connect the other ends of the wires to the colloidal silver generator or battery.
4. Submerge the silver into the water without them touching each other or the sides/bottom of the container.
5. Turn on the generator or connect the battery, and allow the electrolysis process to occur for a specified period (usually around 30 minutes to an hour).
6. Once done, remove the silver from the water and store the colloidal silver in a dark glass container away from light, as light can degrade the quality.
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Colloidal silver is a suspension of silver particles in pure water. Antibacterial Properties: Silver has been recognized for its antibacterial properties, and colloidal silver is effective against a wide range of bacteria.

Wound Care: Colloidal silver can be used to promote wound healing and reduce the risk of infection. Burn wards use silver in bandages.

Antiviral Effects: Colloidal silver can help in preventing or treating viral infections. Also used in livestock for many things you'd need drugs for.

Anti-inflammatory: Colloidal silver has anti-inflammatory properties, which aid in reducing swelling and pain.

Immune Support: Colloidal silver can boost the immune system. This was heavily suppressed during covid. Feel a cold coming on, put some in a nebulizer, and knock out the virus before it takes full effect. That's mainly why I got it.

Preservative Qualities: Due to its antibacterial properties, colloidal silver is used in some products to extend shelf life by preventing spoilage. Might try this in some canning solutions later on.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of silver solutions that make false claims so mine as well get the stuff and know for sure it's made right. Too much silver can turn your skin blue, too little or adding in polymers like some do can create silver compounds you don't want in your body. Since I don't trust anyone, the simple choice was to get the machine and learn how to make it all myself.