Making a Simple Hydrogen Generator from Washers

Ryan Harden

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Construction of a simple HHO generator, made of stainless steel washers and a water bottle.

  • Retrofit to run generators without gas (would need to adjust timing)
  • Burner retrofit to cook food (not sure how to build the regulator, would depend on how big the bottle was and how much output said bottle has.
Hydrogen for 12 years 122,000 miles on hydrogen system
Would like to try and convert our generator to pure Hydrogen so it'll run off of "water". This Spring would like to get a carborated motorcycle and convert it also. Think one could modify a stove regulator as well and then maybe a garage heater... the more one could run on "water" the less reliant a group would be on any fuel.
I want to try one of these on my diesel rabbit, see what kinda fuel economy I could get out of it, my last car I got pretty close to 60 mpg.....I've also considered propane injection too, see what works best. Also know of some guys who traveled a lot with the diesel vws, and with a larger tire gained mileage, in town short trips not so much, but highway speeds made a considerable difference. Food for thought.
@Jerry seems pretty straight forward.

I wonder if there's an easy way to calculate output from one of these, so you could make it size appropriate. Also, I wonder how much the output of the generator is decreased? I think my gas/propane generator drops almost 2k watts when running on propane.