Just for laughs

But I'm sure work hurts people's feelings and is oppressive. How about they just complain about it and then the government wipes their debt and adds it to our tab. I mean it's already a flaming dumpster pile and the crash is coming so at this point it doesn't matter? The guy in the picture who says work that 98% of us can relate to is going to be the one getting the shaft in this whole deal. When they burn the currency to the ground all of our retirements and pensions stock market it's all going to burn to the ground. Then they all strong arm us into a digital currency or say we risk losing all of our savings. And can never retire so we stay slaves to the system until we die. But whatever right? As long as nobody's feelings get hurt and everything is inclusive. The only way to fix this now, it's for bullets to fly as instructed by the Constitution. Our forefathers knew eventually the government would become so corrupt, it would need to be wiped out and started over. Our constitution is one of the smartest documents ever designed and it's because they saw how other governments and countries fell over the centuries and wrote a blueprint to prevent it in the future.