I just offered MIT Institute Professor Robert Langer $10M to debate me about COVID vaccine safety on Nov 30 at MIT


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MIT Institute Professor Robert Langer is co-founder of Moderna. He’s a billionaire. $10M is easily affordable by him.

I just left him a phone message where I offered to donate $10M to MIT if he would debate me when I speak at MIT on November 30 in the Kirsch Auditorium. If he wins, I will make the donation. If he loses, he donates $10M to VSRF.

I said if he was too busy, he could send as many people as he wanted to in his place.

I’m even willing to do the debate with one hand tied behind my back just to be fair.

So far, no word from Professor Langer. I made a similar offer to MIT Dean of Science, Nergis Mavalvala: you can bring as many people as you want to defend MIT’s position to vaccinate students. I will come alone, armed with my slide deck and critical thinking skills.

For details of the offer (including how it is judged, etc.), please click on the image above and read the entire thread. If you like my tweet, PLEASE retweet it!!! It only has around 500K views so far.

I believe my friend MIT Professor Paul Lagace was killed by the COVID vaccine​


Professor Langer won’t accept nor will he send a group of people in his place. If he shows up, he’ll lose. That would destroy his company. So he’ll ignore my offer.

Why? Because the evidence is overwhelming that hundreds of thousands of people have been killed by the COVID vaccines.

It’s very likely that my friend MIT Professor Paul Lagace was killed by the COVID shot as well. Paul and I were in the same suite at MIT for 4 years. Paul died in his own swimming pool (he drowned). Paul was vaccinated with the COVID vaccine; he died about 100 days after being vaccinated which is the most probable time to die after the second shot.

This has to stop. But so far, pretty much everyone supporting the “safe and effective” narrative refuses to discuss the evidence; even for a $10M prize.

What does that tell you?


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