How To Create A Patriot Community In Your Area

Thank you for your interest in helping us rebuild America. This basic overview explains how groups work and how to apply to make a group in your area. The United States Patriot Community USPC is designed to be run on a local level, by local patriots within a network of other nearby patriot networks. The idea is to address local issues your area may be experiencing first, then grow your group into a long-lasting positive influence within your community.

The USPC works differently than other groups because we encompass multiple specializations needed to build a strong, resilient, Constitutional Republic for your area. We encourage learning on every level and your group will eventually have committees within your group that'll take interest in certain parts of the program. Collectively, you'll build a group that has the knowledge and experience to survive whatever comes your way. This program is available for all age groups, from our kids' cadet program, right on up for senior citizens. All of our specializations are designed to learn, share, and grow. The program is built for the ultimatum, the hard truths that our society as a whole, may not make it through the rough times. It's designed to cover all aspects to restart again, should the current system fail. We have hope, that there's enough time to save this country, but we'll plan to deal with the aftermath in a proactive, positive, and protective way. We are a peaceful group that does not incite violence, but we must be prepared to protect our loved ones with the knowledge, skill, and strength that built and found this great country.

How many people are in USPC? We don't disclose that information and groups work locally alongside other groups in the area, free of central command, but within a regional structure. This is done to protect the system, our members, and your local groups. You'll also notice on our social media sites, we ask that once people find or create groups, that they kindly leave USPC so it doesn't ever grow to become a target. We do not use the big tech systems for our network, because they will take us down at some point, for no reason. Again, we are a constitutional group that follows constitutional law. We offer aid to constitutional law enforcement and the military as needed to keep our communities safe, but anytime you have lots of members, you eventually become a target. That's why we grow our mesh network in small, manageable, and trusted groups of friends and family. We are everywhere, and we are nowhere. We are your neighbors, your doctors, your first responders, your military, your bridge partners, we are everyone, we are Americans.

We are not an anti-governmental group. The program feels very libertarian, we focus on the original constitutional values and natural law this great country was founded on. Many of our groups learn how to run political campaigns for their members, create programs to bring strength to our failing judicial system, inject history and civics back into our neighborhoods, teach the basics of survival, and the force needed to protect it all. We want to be an asset to our communities, to change the norm and fix our country. We do not want to be a radical extremist group. We will not break laws, we'll advocate to change them via the procuess in place if they are unconstitutional.

Our primary tools for communication are face-to-face. To shake hands, train together, learn together in a social environment is a goal to reconnect us. Most phones and screens are designed to isolate, divide, and control the population. These are hard truths, we are not anti-technology, but we are very anti-big tech in terms of taking away our freedoms, spying and selling our information to the highest bidder (usually foreign powers). That being said, we have this site, but even that's not guaranteed. No electronic data or communication is secure... ever. Sorry, it's not. The Governments of the world hold such amazing technological advancements, your phone, your computer, your in-home listening devices are all rigged against you, against us.

So how do we communicate? Letters... you know... those pieces of paper about 8" wide and 11" tall, those sticks with ink or graphite on the tips... you put those to the paper and say what you want to say. Then, you take it to your group outpost, collect the other letters, and send them on. That's right, we actually use our own currier network or analog currier system to send important messages. For faster communication, we do use ham radio, GMRS radio, and some apps and this site at times. But overall, the goal is to practice off-grid communication whenever possible. We also have a fun pen pal system where you can meet other patriots from around the nation, a great activity for your kids and families! Do we prohibit phones? No. We're techy, many of us are very high-tech, but we're practicing to withstand everything, and that includes no power, not fuel, and no electronics.

Everything starts with one person in the area willing to take a stand. If you've made it this long in this post, perhaps that's you. We all know something is wrong with our country, we all feel that it's about to crumble, and you're here right now because your gut feeling is telling you to do something about it. We're in a world of hurt right now, and we need to solve some very challenging questions. We're all in this together, and we want to help you create a solution for your area. There are so many people ready to stand. Many times, all you have to do is ask the right question. Because we do everything legally, we are unstoppable. Because we are everywhere, we are united. Because we have you, America has a chance.

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Vetting and memberships to groups are now only done at the local level. It's been that way for some time, but it's now accurate on the site.