Just got my first order of Goldbacks. I read a couple of good ideas to help make folks aware of this: Whey you shop at the small local business (which you should be doing already) hold out the Goldbacks and ask if they take gold. Also, when you eat at a restaurant, ask your server if she wants her tip in gold or on the card. :)
@MrGreywolf that is what I did down here.
So far, my group hasn't really said anything yay or ney about them but our "sister" groups in West Bend and Mayville aren't too enthusiastic about them. They prefer buying small silver bars and coins. This is also a good idea and I want to do that too...but I want to get Goldbacks as well because it seems to me like it would be an easier transition for folks to accept since they look a bit more like conventional money than silver bars would.