Epic Fail: MedCram founder tries to prove that anecdotes are unreliable


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Executive summary​

I tweeted that “Anecdotes often paint a more accurate picture than gamed RCTs.”

MedCram founder Roger Seheult responded with a list of 30 sudden deaths before 2021 in his tweet in response. The goal is to try to gaslight you into believing that what you are experiencing with your own eyes is “normal.”

The problem is there have been around 10,000 sudden deaths since 2021 according to Mark Crispin Miller who is a legend for tracking these deaths. I just got off the phone with Mark to confirm that.

So my friend Roger needs another 9,970 examples to provide a credible rebuttal. He gave up after 30. Color me not impressed.

Does the phrase “A day late and a dollar short” ring a bell?

The tweets​

Roger attempts to debunk me with his thread:

And Dr. Nice (with 321 followers) chimes in:


In the times we live in where there is deliberate hiding of record-level data, personal experience and anecdotes that can be independently verified are, more often than, higher quality evidence than the studies in the peer-reviewed literature that claim that the COVID vaccines are safe.

Isn’t it time to re-evaluate the evidence-based medicine pyramid?

The sheer number of these “died suddenly” anecdotes should cause any honest doctor with a working brain to re-examine their belief system.

I tried calling Roger to offer him record-level data from a State source proving he was wrong. He hung up on me and blocked me.

Real scientists never hide from people who want to show them credible data. Never.


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