Dr. Robert Malone interviewed by Joe Rogan With Cliff Notes

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mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone gave a fascinating interview to Joe Rogan which aired on New Year’s Eve.

Cliff Notes:

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Here’s a thread of cliff notes for the
podcast with Dr Robert Malone. Would still recommend listening to the full episode but if you don’t have time right now this is how it went down.

  • Malone talks about becoming a MD and his early career working at the Salk Institute, specifically on RNA. Mentions his mRNA patents and his evolution from academic medicine into medical product development (clinical trials, drug development).
  • Over the years he says he’s coordinated trials which have received billions in Government funding. Claims he has worked with and knows many people at the CDC, knew Anthony Fauci well, and has many friends in the US intelligence community. Now “a pariah”.
  • Rogan brings up the Twitter ban. Malone says he’s probably the only person with his background without a conflict of interest - says he earns no money from this (unlike others).
  • Malone also mentions his deplatforming from LinkedIn for pointing out that the head of Reuters is also on the board of Pfizer. According to Malone LinkedIn subsequently reinstated him and formally apologized for the ban.
  • He surmises why exactly he was banned from Twitter - COVID Care Alliance video re COVID vaccines and/or a post about the World Economic Forum and their media management. Not completely understood or known at this time which was the offending tweet.
  • Malone discusses getting COVID in February 2020 and describes his “lungs burning”. Says he took femotidine. Describes a trial he has helped design using femotidine and celecoxib to treat SARS-CoV-2. Further says FDA would not allow an ivermectin arm in the study despite data.
  • Rogan wants to know why there is obstruction of these drugs (hydroxychloroquine & ivermectin). Malone describes the involvement of Rick Bright and Janet Woodcock in preventing the use of these drugs in the treatment of COVID. He won’t speculate on the why but says they’re wrong.
  • Malone says it is bizarre that Merck would come out against ivermectin. He says billions of doses of both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been safely administered as well as both being on the WHO’s essential drugs list.
  • Malone says he got the Chinese protocols in February 2020 and these included hydroxychloroquine. Says he gave this information to the US Government. Rogan mentions the apparent success of ivermectin and asks what happened in Uttar Pradesh; high use of ivermectin & low deaths.
  • Malone says he had ‘Long COVID’ and then also took the Moderna vaccine because at the time it was thought that it may help with this issue. Claims he had some adverse reactions to the vaccine but despite these was ultimately fine.
  • Discussion briefly turns to natural immunity. Rogan mentions studies showing better effect of natural immunity versus these vaccines. Malone agrees.
  • Malone discusses the Trusted News Initiative led by the BBC and their charge against misinformation/disinformation and the use of the term anti-vaxxer to suppress anything against approved sources (Fauci, Tedros).
  • Discussion turns to cancel culture in the medical field. Previous example with Fauci vs. Duesberg and now leaked emails between Fauci/Collins aiming to ridicule Great Barrington Declaration founders.
  • Malone talks about Israel with high Pfizer vaccine uptake (up to dose 4) and surrounding Palestinian territories with relatively low uptake without this discrepancy being reflected in death numbers. Says all cause mortality is the most reliable variable.
  • Malone says VAERS is unreliable but “it’s the best we got”. Says there are issues both ways - death post vaccine not necessarily vaccine caused, vaccine correlated. However we’ve had the system for decades so we can look at trends and use aggregate value with large sample size.
  • Rogan asks about the financial incentive related to COVID deaths in hospitals. Malone admits he doesn’t know the exact numbers but says around $3000 given to hospitals if someone is diagnosed with COVID, further payments for ventilation and death due to COVID.
  • They discuss the possibility that someone with a gunshot wound or trauma who happens to test positive for COVID and then dies may be labeled as a COVID death.
  • Malone says the FDA has not done their job. Mentions data manipulation and the case of Maddie de Garay which was allegedly reported as gastric distress by Pfizer in their trial, when it is claimed she had a seizure and is now wheelchair bound.
  • Malone says their are all kinds of ways to craft clinical trials and study reports to hide the bad stuff and highlight the good stuff. Says what gets reported is often biased by expected outcomes and tricks of data. Financial incentives to make bad stuff go away.
  • Malone says Thompson-Reuters is the fact checker of choice of Twitter and they are in turn tied to Pfizer. This in part decides what is allowed to be discussed on Twitter.
  • They discuss the attacks on physicians. Highlight cases of Peter McCullough and Kirk Milhoan. Malone talks about the attack against him to have his license removed based on tweets and The Atlantic article written about him. Claims he “killed millions”.
  • Rogan brings them back to the statistics around vaccine related myocarditis. Malone says data shows incidence of up to 1 in 2700 of myocarditis in boys post vaccination. Claims that this myocarditis is different but he says no data. Also other adverse effects e.g. dysmenorrhea.
  • Malone discusses concerns around fertility post vaccination because of what he says are lipids (lipid nano particles) with the potential to affect the ovaries. Also talks about the spike protein and it’s ability to cause blood clots regardless of whether from virus or vaccine.
  • Extensive discussion about effects on ACEII receptors and disruption of the blood brain barrier by the spike protein. Rogan asks if the spike from the vaccine is different to the spike from the virus. Malone says yes but we don’t know if the difference actually matters.
  • Malone says it’s the job of the drug companies to prove that their spike i.e. vaccine created spike is not toxic. Rogan asks why so many people take the vaccine and have no adverse effects at all. Malone explains it with a response curve due to phenotypic/genetic differences.
  • He goes on to mention evidence that people who are diabetic or have high blood sugar levels seem to be more greatly affected by these spike side effects. This may be part of the explanation for many people being able to shrug off spike adverse effects, but not others.
  • Malone talks about T cells. Says we don’t really know for sure what these vaccines are doing to our T cells. Mentions cancer risks but cautions against lack of data. Also discusses some evidence for increased risk of illness post vaccination for a period of time.
  • Rogan asks about the vaccine efficacy window. Malone says it seems to be ever shrinking and goes on to mention that in some studies (cites Denmark study) there is a negative efficacy (higher risk of being infected) shown with increasing doses. Says this is specific to Omicron.
  • Malone says we’re administering a mismatched vaccine and driving the B and T memory cells towards a virus which no longer exists. Says his hypothesis for the poor viability of the vaccines on this basis is called “original antigenic sin”.
  • Malone talks about high pathogenicity and low pathogenicity H1N1 to describe in part the differences between other COVID variants and Omicron. Further discusses the very high R number (number of people infected by one person with a pathogen) of Omicron.
  • “Our government is out of control on this” says Malone. “They are lawless, they completely disregard bioethics” and “these mandates of an experimental vaccine are explicitly illegal, they are explicitly inconsistent with the Nuremberg Code”.
  • Rogan brings them back to Omicron. Malone talks about the alarmist models of Imperial College which he says the press just ran with. They talk about US hospital cases and the likely remaining predominance of Delta in those instances.
  • Malone says there is a perverse incentive to amplify the fear porn to maintain the state of emergency. Withholding of monoclonal antibodies and early treatment described as “inexplicable”. “Is it incompetence or is it malevolence?”.
  • Malone raises the lack of reporting on effectiveness of lockdown strategies as well as gain of function research and says “we’re in an environment in which truth and consequences are fungible”. Rogan says he feels compelled to have people on because of the censorship.
  • Malone says “Pfizer is one of the most criminal pharmaceutical organizations in the world based on their past history and fines”. He says it’s a cost benefit analysis in the pharmaceutical industry about misbehavior and that they are not grounded in ethical principles.
  • Rogan and Malone discuss the “mass formation psychosis” taking place globally. Quite a soft wind down to the end of the show but essentially a call for less tribalism, more openness to discussion, and an end to censorship.
  • A warning from both about the potential for an implementation of a social credit scoring system as an end point for all of this. Malone re-emphasizes the effect of what we’ve done to children including he says drops in IQ from masks and desocialization.
  • Rogan asks why the vaccine is dangerous to children. Malone says androgens have a role to play re effect in males. Also says that he’s not convinced that there is a discrepancy between kids and adults - cites potential reporting bias.
  • An interesting podcast if a bit meandering at times. Malone might be wrong about stuff or perhaps he’s right but he doesn’t come across as a nutjob or someone dangerous in any way. Still quite fascinating that Twitter banned him for hard to elucidate reasons.