Don't worry. The "Counter Disinformation Project" will go after the evildoers!


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Executive summary​

The “Counter Disinformation Project” can be found here. On a typical story, they get around 1 like and no comments. So it’s super popular. ;)

They wrote a request asking me a few questions.

I’m using this Substack to answer them so you all can see what I said and compare it to how they twisted it for the hit piece that they are writing.

The request​

Notice how there is no reply phone number or email?

Their email address is: if you’d like to contact them.

The answers​

  1. No, Malone was never part of VSRF. How do you guys make this stuff up? VSRF did sponsor the DTM rallies, but saying that it “featured” a call for Nuremberg 2.0, would be mischaracterizing the event in which a large number of speakers from all walks of life shared their experiences with the audience. It was an amazing event.

  2. I appeared in Died Suddenly, but wasn’t involved otherwise.

  3. VSRF did organize the COVID litigation conference, but it was to educate lawyers. There was no planning session on a tidal wave of lawsuits. But that’s a great suggestion and maybe we’ll do that the next time since it is now clear the vaccines increased the mortality rate of those who took it.

  4. I didn’t create a SuperPac for RFK Jr. I looked into it for sure, but there were others doing it.

  5. I documented the story behind the board mass resignation in an earlier article. The whole article is a great read, or you can just read that one section. If you can find a factual error in what I wrote in the TrialSiteNews article, I’d be grateful if you’d point that out and I’ll correct it. None of the advisory board people were able to point out an error to this day.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify this.

Hopefully, you’ll mention my talk on Nov 30 at MIT in your article where I will bring down the house on the vaccine and release irrefutable record-level evidence from an official government source that the COVID vaccines killed millions of people worldwide.


Isn’t it amazing that the Counter Disinformation Project never asked to see the record-level data so they can do their own analysis?

Nobody wants to touch it. It’s like a third rail. That data shows the vaccines have killed millions of people.

Nobody wants to debate me on this, not even for a $100,000 prize.


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