Rating system has been added to the farms, markets, and books. This is a rich snippet so it'll show up in search results as well.
Rating Widget.JPGRatingAlert.JPGRatings.JPG

Maps are broken due to a API mispatch with google maps. I've been holding off on fixing that as I'm about to add grain mills, butchers and meat, firearm instructors, and maybe business sponsors. We get our freeze dryer today and I have to finish installing dedicated 20amp lines for it before it gets here on top of farm harvesting... so not likely going to get fixed today, but sometime in the next week.
Testing of profiles, vulnerabilities, spam, and DDoS attacks has been completed. All test profiles and activity have been removed. Will sync prior website contacts in the coming days.
We welcome our first Communication Coordinators to the volunteer team. @Joe B and @PointRider will be helping us come up with a clear communication protocol beyond the basics we've already outlined in the communication section.
TikTok and WSHH link embeds have been updated.
Fixed broken custom user criteria event.
Make guest purchases compatible with Google Chrome's latest version (97).
Improved compatibility
Prevents errors "Trying to get property 'extraData' of non-object" and "Creating default object from empty value" when performing certain actions
Improves compatibility with MySQL 8
Fixed a bug that prevented account types from showing on the purchase page in some cases
We're working on classifieds and newsletters, as such you can now add private shipping information to your profile if you want to get mail from us.
Shipping Info.JPG
Required approval for all new profiles. Seems some spammy profiles are getting into our system. If it's a fake email, it'll be deleted.
Most of the site has been hidden from the general public. Even who's online and such have all been taken down. This site is for vetted members, they should feel free to express their opinions.
A number of improvements have been made to the lazy loader. The goal is to generally improve efficiency and make dynamically-sized embeds such as tweets as nondisruptive as possible.
Overloaded URL tags in the form "URL media=..." are now processed as and counted as [MEDIA] tags and should be subject to the same restrictions."/URL"
5.10.22 Updates -

The handling of line breaks around media embeds has been changed to match the text layout more closely and be more consistent with our sites default media sites:
  • When two BBCodes are on the same line, the two embeds are on the same line.
  • When two BBCodes are on consecutive lines, the two embeds are on consecutive lines.
  • When two BBCodes are separated by a blank line, the two embeds are separated by a blank line.
Quick search changes
Fixed variable naming issue in Thread
Now supports Enhanced search
Added keystroke delay to Options page
Added responsive code
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