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I'll attempt to post changes to the site here. You can also report problems here this way until I get a dedicated support ticket area up.

  1. Over the past few days of setting up the site, we've been testing bandwidth and DDoS attack simulations. We've moved the server and worked through the issues.
  2. Adding features to the forums since that's where most of the information is going to live.
  3. Paid membership option was added to help us pay for site costs (tens of thousands of bucks each year) especially if we have hundreds of thousands of people on the site. Free is always an option, and we want to make as much info available to the public pertaining to prepping and learning our history.
  4. Affiliate links are in many of the listings as we refer to ratings, reviews, options, etc. These little links help us pay for the site.
  5. Social media profiles were added to the main site. We're pretty good about posting content and connecting people. We know what topics to stay away from.
  6. Lots of forum areas are being built. We'll also have our own currency, achievements, chat rooms, and Learning Management System.
Ok... this list is pretty extensive. We had to move servers already haha, more speed, bandwidth, options to grow, etc. Everything should show up for everyone now. Speed and protection are the name of this game, and we have them.

If you haven't downloaded the app yet to your android or windows phone, here's the link -

Specializations added. Will be linking all the home page areas to their respective specializations next.
Added stuff.JPG

Chat added for vetted members - now you can chat real time with your groups, 1 on 1, etc.

Groups added. Now our patriot groups will have their own private forums, media area, calendar, discussions, leadership teams, you name it!
Groups and Chat.JPG

Massive embedding increases are now possible from LOADS of different sites. We can't really encode video here yet as that's a huge tax on the server and we can't afford it... but someday when the memberships and affiliate links start working out.
More Embeds.jpg

Lots of stuff still coming, working on the resources to download, badge system, currency program, and having the tools here to help you start your own groups, learn everything you can, and get ready for whatever happens next.
  • Fixed a PHP error on posting
  • Updated Vimeo, fixed an issue with case-sensitive host names
  • Fixed unfurl'ing when creating a custom URL BBCode
  • Added support for custom URL fallback
  • Improved compatibility with default media sites, PHP 8.1.
  • Updated Odysee
  • Added Audius
  • Updated Facebook and GitHub Gist
  • Added support for miniplayer on mobile. Updated sites.
Donation Program Added

Chat program updated -
  • Added "who is typing" feature for both rooms and conversations with the admin option to enable it for each individually.
  • Made some changes in room embed mode to only display room messages and user list from the room with no other tabs, improving db queries as well.
Removed the location, website, and about me tabs in user profiles. Tested with new account. Caught that the public tab wasn't available to free users so the rules and phone app links in the welcome email didn't work. Fixed that too.
Currency Program Added - more "currencies" will be added for trade and bartering during our survival events, meetings, etc. In the event currency fails, we can use this system kinda like a crypro currency BUT it WILL have a minted coin variant because... the website would go down with the rest of the electronic world at some point. We'll look up your currencies and exchange them for coin at events, then trade them back to online currency between events (to save the coins). If it goes sideways, we just keep the coin system and you take the coins home.

First currency - Honor Points

Honor Points are given when you attend events. It shows our leaders and members that you are an active part of the community.

Honor points are also given for logging in daily. We thank those who come to this community and interact with users. Together, we make a difference.

Honor Points are given when you post comments, load media, download resources, etc. The more stuff you do on this site, the more points you can earn.

Honor points also come with Prestige Awards when you earn enough points. These awards are triggered automatically with the site.

Honor Points can be traded for currency we use in our survival training simulations.
Adding the maps, making the forums more user-friendly. Thanks to @AndyB, a veteran forum builder, for the suggestions.

I've shut off alerts for most of the credits you get except daily login points. It was too many notifications.

The first set of stickers are on the way to the office here. Hopefully the other marketing materials get here next week so I can send everything out to the new members.

We'll continue to streamline the site to be as effective as possible. Now, I need your help in filling it with interesting topics people want to learn about.
While the group feature was nice looking, it was both complex and not used. I will be making simple forums by state so it'll be easy to find groups, events, and discussions. Then, ranked forums and permissions for leaders. That's the only way info will be easy to find with hundreds of groups (and a map maybe) and thousands of people. I get trying to stay covert, but how do you grow if it's all hidden? Sure, keep some of the combat and judicial stuff offline, but then... it shouldn't even be on this site to begin with so why tempt people with places like that?

As a web developer, I've been trying to make this site work with the tools we need, but too much is still too much. K.I.S.S. right? I love all the neat custom stuff, but it's just not useful and clutters the site. Simple, fast, easy... that's the goal.
Removed lifetime member, removed $20 paid member, made vetted membership lifetime as we're only vetting people once, the rest will be done through the local groups. Making it simple.

When someone pays for vetted, it moves them to paid status, at which time admins will do the background and social media check. Once passed, the member will be moved to vetted status and a swearing in ceremony will be scheduled either in person or online.
Featured images are working now and will rotate all our images on the site every 5 minutes. Tomorrow... wait it's past midnight now... later today (ha) I'll move the images into the regular forums and everyone will just post in forums and the system will pick up the photos.
A slew of improvements were made the last few days. Added a recently online tab showing members who are active within a week, updates to various programs, newsletter area added, and more.

Donations are now more discrete, no more top donors links, and it doesn't show up on your profile anymore.

Adjusted the featured images tab a bit as well, but it'll still pixilate images if they are first downsized and then thumbnailed... most people will just add pictures without downsizing, was just playing with settings to try and get thumbnails to not show up blurry.