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We’re pleased to welcome John Lovell from @WarriorPoetSociety@WarriorPoetSociety back to the show! But this time, with his bride, Becca Lovell. Enjoy this episode where Nick, Tina, John & Becca discuss marriage, homesteading, homeschooling, and much more.

The video titled "Building A Self-Sufficient Life with @WarriorPoetSociety" features a conversation with John Lovell and his partner Becca. The discussion revolves around embracing a self-sufficient lifestyle, challenging societal norms, and the importance of personal responsibility, especially in raising and educating children. John stresses the significance of not depending on institutions that may have agendas conflicting with personal beliefs. The conversation also delves into their personal lives, including their meeting at church, their marriage, and their decision to live a life guided by their own values rather than societal expectations.

The discussion touches upon the concept of gender roles in a family, emphasizing teamwork while acknowledging different responsibilities. There is a critique of mainstream education and an endorsement of homeschooling as a means of taking back control over children's upbringing. The conversation also includes reflections on the wealth disparity between developed and developing countries, based on their experiences in the mission field.

The underlying theme is a critique of modern societal norms and institutions, promoting a lifestyle of self-reliance, strong family values, and resilience against cultural and economic challenges. The focus is on creating a community of like-minded individuals who share similar values and perspectives, especially in terms of faith, family, and personal freedom.
Starting Seeds of Community Podcast is live! This episode isn’t just about planting seeds in the soil; it’s about sowing the seeds of camaraderie and resilience in our homestead and prepper communities. https://backroadshomesteading.com/series/backroads-homesteading-podcast/