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This community helps United States Citizens prepare for, and fix the decay of America. As a country, we've strayed from the core values that the founders used to draft the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. These principles and laws are built to ensure each citizen has the freedom to secure a living, property and be protected from physical harm. As the experiment of America "progressed/regressed" through the years, we've bared witness to the removal of our freedoms, most notably in the recent number of months this has caused great concern.


Overview - The United States Patriot Community helps local areas form sustainable teams of people within the specializations they're interested in learning. The goal is to have a good-sized group of patriots meeting locally as often as possible to learn everything they need to survive anything they must. This is why we have broken down our program into specializations so it's not overwhelming. If you look at prepping for community survival, taking on too much information can quickly burn people out. Our method of learning together, in small, local groups, will allow our members to absorb information that can be retained and trained.

We are not an antigovernment or states rights group. We believe and follow the laws of the United States Constitution.

The only way to sustainably protect and restore our Constitutional rights as Americans, starts in our local communities from the ground up. Most of this begins by learning our history. Sure, President Trump shined some light on the massive issues we have at the top of our Government, but there is little we can do to coerce change at that level. We'll make much more progress locally, and if America falls or falters at all, we only have our local communities to count on.

In you'll find important information about how to restore your communities to a constitutional republic, hold court proceedings to bring tyrants and criminals to justice, and prepare for survival as America continues its downward spiral. The only people that can stop America from being destroyed are Americans.


Ranks & Achievement System - Scouts, military, and many groups around the world use ranking and achievement systems like this to encourage development, personal growth, and recognition among their peers. Vetting and Ranking also contributes to the "well-regulated" part of the U.S. Constitution 2nd amendment in the event a patriot group decides to take on judicial or combat objectives. Ranks work well for people of all ages too, that's why we encourage our children to be part of programs that are appropriate for them. We have a rank program much like military, scouts, and other clubs to maintain order, safety, and effective leadership.

Vetting and Background Check Process - The USPC will conduct a criminal background check as well as a social media background check for those wishing to be vetted. If a USPC group already exists in your area, local command may also require a sponsor who's already in the group to help guide the new members into our community. We do this because we want our groups to be of sound mind, lawful to the constitution, and safe to gather with in times of stress, unrest, and survival.

The background check is performed by a regional officer or the home office if a regional office doesn't yet exist. The goal is to have checks done as close to home as possible, as those are the leaders you'll be working with each month for classes, training, and meetings. We train leaders on how the paperwork needs to be done, what tools are available for use, and the checks and balances that are needed to verify people are right for our community. We also provide the criteria we use so leaders can show local constitutional law enforcement how we vet people.

Many of the local USPC groups you'll find here are more interested in survival, politics, history, communication, and aid vs judicial and combat, but that's the beauty of this system, in order to survive, a community needs all of these core principals thus, we teach and promote all of these things.

The background checks look for a history of violence or sexual crimes. Felons are not allowed in our programs unless local officers override that judgement (usually due to wrongfully accused or other extenuating circumstance). The point of the background check is to make sure members can work as a community safely. In the event a group must survive, we must make sure people can take orders and follow them, not be provoked into a fight, and perform duties that we'll all rely on to survive. The stronger the group is in this fashion, the better their chance of survival. Many are also interested in political or judicial office, and we must be sure we can support members who wish to serve those roles. Having a clean record is essential to proving to the public you are worthy of public servitude.

We take child abuse items very seriously as well. If you are not able to be in a family community situation where we're running as our little village, you will not be allowed to complete the vetting process. Our children as the most important part of our survival, and anyone who threatens their safety will not be allowed into USPC. Again, this is a fun, learning environment filled with people you can trust and call your friends, we must have protocols in place to protect that trust.

The vetting process continues throughout a probationary period. We'll expect people to interact at meetings, classes, and camps. This isn't a "pay for protection" kinda thing, you gotta give to get and you earn your way to the top, you can't buy it.

Military veterans may use their past training and credentials to advance through USPC. You'll commonly find vets and retired LEOs are in leadership positions because of their extensive training. It's up to the local community to make sure the leadership of the area is sound, secure, and efficient.

Your local units command their area and help make decisions regionally. This is done to avoid infiltration of the entire program from those who seek to eliminate us. Patriot communities are under governmental watch in many cases because we have the power to unite and fix unconstitutional practices, legally. We can be seen as a big threat to tyrannical agencies and thus, they are always trying to shut patriot groups down. The government does this by sending in informants or undercover agents to spy and suggest unconstitutional courses of action. Usually, groups like ours that are trained to watch out for radical talk, suggestions, or courses of action, can weed out those individuals fairly quickly. We're all vetting one another on a constant level. Every conversation, every outing, we'll all watching for this type of thing. There are those in the Government who seek socialistic rule and the destruction of our freedoms, constitution, and unity. Together, we can stop this from happening.

If you would like to get involved with your local USPC patriot group, or form your own, please submit your application here and we'll be in touch - you can also print this form and mail it in. The United States Patriot Community application processing fee covers the background check, membership material, and coordination for your swearing-in ceremony. Upon confirmation of your swearing-in event, we'll make your name badge.

We will send you your discrete login number and password over the phone or by mail. It is optional if you wish to use the online community area, no names, addresses, or real emails will be used... ever.

USPC and this site do not condone any unlawful activity, ever. All USPC groups are instructed to be aware of suggestions of violence which are usually initiated by current government informants or agents themselves in order to take down any group that opposes the oligarchy (you'll learn what that means in the first history lessons). Because we cannot control who sees electronic data, just assume everyone can see what you post here, public or private. No Electronic commination is safe from surveillance. This is why we utilize an off-grid network between USPC groups for most things.

This site is one of the tools we use to share, lead, and promote our members through the ranks. This site has recognition items, private areas for each group, region, and more. The USPC is a vetted and ranked system since some of our stuff requires it. However, it's also a fun way to recognize our leaders who learn, share, and teach... so we kinda work like the scouts and are family-friendly as such. We promote teamwork and comradery, local communication, and positive community outreach. We're here to help train leaders for local communities, it takes all of us to bring America back. Let's make that happen.

This United States Patriot Community membership application includes a criminal and social background check that you must pass. All membership apps must be accompanied by cash (or buy here) to help pay for background checks and printing of media. Additional membership donations are appreciated for the newsletters, website, etc. By signing this form, you agree to follow constitutional law. Your application does not guarantee entry into USPC, you must be locally vetted by your local group and you are required to attend meetings and training in order to be accepted. There will be no refunds given for the application fee. The United States Patriot Community takes the rule of law very seriously, and at no time are you to follow commands that go against constitutional law. Upon acceptance, we will honor you with your credentials at your local swearing-in ceremony done on the Bible before God. Your background check will be mailed to you for your records.

While we have a website and social media, we do not share information on social media, websites, email, or anything connected to the grid. Your information is not stored digitally and your application is handed to your closest local unit. All communications are to be off-grid radio, in-person documents, and approved personal couriers or UPS/FedEx (NOT USPS). By signing below you agree to only share information supplied BY USPC and at no time are you allowed to make your own content. The use of our logo is strictly prohibited. If you opt-out of USPC at any time, you will be required to hand in your credentials.

By buying this item, I validate I am a legal United States citizen. I pledge to uphold the United States Constitution and to follow orders of my commanding officers of the United States Patriot Community. I understand I may not act as a Community Member until I have been given orders to do so by my USPC superiors. Acting without orders may be subject to criminal penalties. You acknowledge that USPC is not a states rights Militia or radical anti-government group.
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