Patriot Lessons American History and Civics

Patriot Lessons American History and Civics.

Enumerated Powers - The Foundation of the Constitution, Art. I, Section 8

Topics covered:

  • The underlying foundation of the Constitution is the doctrine of enumerated powers.
  • Enumerated powers means that the federal government only has the authority specifically granted to it in the Constitution - the powers must be expressed (that is enumerated). All powers not granted to the federal government, remain with the States.
  • Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution details the powers given to the federal government.
  • Nearly...

Congress: Lawmaking, Bicameralism, Bills & Vetoes (Article I, Section 7)

Review the origins and debate over the lawmaking provisions of Article I, Section 7 of the United States Constitution. Understand how bicameralism (the division of the federal legislature between the House of Representatives and the Senate) is essential for liberty and good governance for several reasons. It stops passion or corruption from running wild, which can much more easily happen in a single chamber legislative body. It also encourages a more careful and deliberate evaluation of...

Washington Crosses the Delaware — A Christmas Tale of 1776 (Re-Release)

Learn how by mid-December, 1776, the American Revolution was in desperate straits.

Explore that after a series of defeats, the American Army had retreated through New Jersey and was stationed in Pennsylvania — with the British Army across the Delaware River. The Continental Army was on the verge of utter collapse.

Overconfident, the British went into Winter Quarters.

Congress gave George Washington enormous authority, and Washington used the lull in fighting and his new power to...

Thanksgiving - Origins, Meanings, Traditions, and Myths (Re-Release 2023)

Learn that the idea of gratitude and giving thanks is an ancient concept for mankind and expressly elevated in the Bible. Review how days of thanksgiving were originally commemorated in the English colonies in Virginia and Massachusetts, with the English dissenters, the Pilgrims, having the most influential celebrations. In the colonial era, Thanksgiving celebrations were centered on particular events and circumstances, and, accordingly, happened at different times. As Americans united...

Congress: Taxation/Money Bills/Revenue/Origination Clause

“All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.” United States Constitution, Article I, Section 7

  • Review the origins and debate over Article I, Section 7 of the United States Constitution, which provides that any bill raising revenue must originate in the House of Representatives. These bills were often referred to as “money bills” and this clause today is often referred...

Congress: Congressional Immunity & Prohibition from Plurality of Office Holding (article 1, section 6 of Constitution)

Topics covered:

  • How and when members of Congress are immune from civil arrests while Congress is in session.
  • How and why members of Congress are absolutely immune for ANYTHING they say on the floor of Congress.
  • How and why members of Congress are prohibited from serving in other federal offices, and why federal officers cannot serve as Congressmen.

Check out, Judge Warren's book at...

Congress - Pay, Salary, & Compensation - Constitution Article I Section 6

Topics covered: United States Constitution Article I, Section 6 addresses how members of the Congress (members of the House of Representatives and the US Senate) are compensated and paid, and who pays their salary. Learn about the debates over Congressional Pay - including who should pay (the federal or State governments?), how they should be paid (money or wheat?), whether compensation should be uniform across the country, and why some members of the Constitutional Convention, Federalists...

9/11: September 11, 2001 and its aftermath 20 years later

Learn what really happened on September 11, 2001. Discover how and why America was attacked, including the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Washington, D.C. Review the motivations of Osama Bin Ladin and al Qaeda. Explore how 9/11 altered the course of history in America and globally, including its psychological and intangible toll. Listen to news coverage of the terrorist attacks as they unfolded, interviews, and speeches by then President George W. Bush. Appreciate...

Declaration of Independence - Recitation & Background (2023)

Topics covered: Learn why understanding the Declaration of Independence is important. Learn why the Second Continental Congress decided to have a Declaration of Independence and how a committee of five of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston were chosen to draft it. Explore why John Adams insisted that Thomas Jefferson draft it, and how the Committee and the Second Continental Congress changed Jefferson's draft. Hear the entire Declaration of...

Congressional Elections & Organization

Topics covered (Article 1, Section 5 of the Constitution):

  • Judging who wins Congressional Elections
  • Judging the qualifications of members of Congress
  • Quorum of Congress to meet & conduct business
  • Compelling attendance of members of Congress
  • Creating rules and procedures for conducting congressional business
  • Punishing members of Congress
  • Journal of congressional proceedings
  • Adjournments of Congress...

Memorial Day - Origins, History & Meaning (Remastered)

Congressional Elections - Time, Place, and Manner; Meetings of Congress

Topics covered: The Times, Places and Manner of holding congressional elections The vigorous opposition of allowing the Congress to supersede State laws involving congressional elections Meetings of Congress - annual basis and starting date Check out, Judge Warren's book at, and the Save our Republic! video series on Patriot Week's YouTube Channel. Support this podcast at: --- Support this podcast...

Lexington & Concord - Shot Heard 'Round the World!

Learn the real story of Lexington & Concord on April 19, 1775 and the Shot Heard 'Round the World - which changed America and the world forever: Follow the Patriots and the British during the lead up to Lexington and Concord. Experience the battles first hand. Explore what really happened on Paul Revere's ride. Discover the unsung heroes Dr. Joseph Warren, William Dawes, and others. For more, visit the Patriot Week Foundation at ⁠⁠ and Judge Michael Warren’s book...

US Senate II - Elections, Qualifications, Vice President, Organization, & Impeachment Power

Topics covered: How the Senatorial elections are staggered (one-third of the Senate is elected every 2 years). The qualifications to be a Senator. The Vice President as president of the Senate. The power of the Senate to organize its operations and procedures. The power of the Senate to try impeachments, and the legal/constitutional effect of being impeached. Check out, Judge Warren's book at, and the Save our Republic! video series on...

George Washington - Presidents Day Episode (Remastered)

On this (remastered) Presidents Day special episode we cover:

  • George Washington’s remarkable life and contribution to the American Revolution, Constitutional Convention, and Presidency - with highlights of his writings.

Bonus Content:

  • Musical Interlude US Army Old Guard & Fife tribute to George Washington

For more, check out:

  • Judge Warren's book at...

US Senate - The Divisive & Decisive Clash over Elections, Voting & Terms

Learn how the composition of the US Senate - who and what it should represent - became perhaps the most divisive issue in the Constitutional Convention. Discover the arguments made by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Wilson, John Dickinson, Roger Sherman, and others as they clashed over a fundamental division about whether the States should be equally be represented in the Senate or should be represented in proportion to their populations. Explore how the number of Senators - and how...

Washington Crosses the Delaware - A Christmas Tale of 1776 (remastered)

On December 25, 1776, George Washington and his brave troops begin to march to the nearly frozen Delaware River to attack Hessian troops encamped on the other side at Trenton, New Jersey. The times are desperate for the American cause. The high risk attack is a daring attempt to save the American Revolution from collapse. Follow Washington's troops through the winter storm, frozen river, arduous march, and pitched battle. The fate of the new nation depends on it.

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Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving - Origins, Meanings, Traditions, and Myths - (Remastered 2022)

Puritans; Pilgrims; Native Americans; colonial and revolutionary thanksgivings, fastings and humiliations. Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson, FDR, LBJ, Reagan, Obama, and more. Politics and recovering from JFK’s assassination. Sarah Hale’s indispensable role in reviving the holiday, and FDR’s abortive attempt to change it. Pardons, parades, runs, the Detroit Lions, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday.... Produced by Patriot Week - visit Also check out the...

Abraham Lincoln - An Interview

Listen in on a fabulous and illuminating discussion between President Abraham Lincoln & Judge Michael Warren about Lincoln’s life - including his failures and successes and his impact on American and world history. (Lincoln portrayed by Bob Gleason of the American Historical Theatre.). Check out, Judge Warren's book at, and the Save our Republic! video series on Patriot Week's YouTube Channel. Support this podcast at...

3/5 Clause & Taxes, Number of Representatives, Speaker of the House, & Impeachment - House of Representatives Part - Part 3 (Article I, Section 2)

Using primary sources of the Constitutional Convention Debates, the Federalist Papers, and learned treatises, learn how the 3/5th's clause affects taxes and its link to slavery. Explore the debate about how the number of Representatives for each State is determined in the House of Representatives. Discover the origin and power of the position of the Speaker of the House. Dive into the history behind the power of impeachment and why it rests with the House of Representatives. Check out...